Annual Care Awards

Venturi Health Care Group recognise the importance of celebrating excellence within care, we want to ensure the extraordinary lengths our staff team go to within each of our homes is acknowledged and rewarded.

As such, the company has recently rolled out a new initiative, the “Annual Care Awards” which recognises individuals who go to extraordinary lengths to deliver our Care Values, ensuring Residents receive responsive, nurturing care from committed genuine individuals. The Care Awards are inclusive and celebrate the hard work of employees across all departments within our service.

Residents, staff and visitors of Mother Redcaps Care Home have been nominating those who they believe should be awarded the 2018 Care Award and the winner was Debby – Home Administrator.

Debby received lovely comments from those who nominated her,

“Debby has been the mainstay at Mother Redcaps for over eight years. She has seen managers come and go, but is passionate about her role and loves working at Mother Redcaps. She told me that this is her dream job!

She is the meet and greet and go to person at the home. She never moans and just gets on with her job. Documentation is completed on time, and reports are always submitted in a timely manner, she meets all deadlines.

Debby gets on with all staff residents and relatives.”

As well as winning the care home award, Debby was also awarded with the CUMBRIC CARE GROUP ANNUAL AWARD. This award was decided by the three Directors following a review of the seven individual home winners and the comments they received. It was felt that over the years, Debby has excelled her self within her role whilst placing the Residents at the heart of all she does.

Ian Randles, Director of Nursing Services said:

“Debby is a committed, loyal and hardworking team member at Mother Redcaps, she is willing to support her team and Residents in anyway possible and this award is truly deserved. Congratulations to Debby! Debby continues to excel in her role at the home and I believe she is a worthy winner of the overall all Venturi Health Care Group award as well as the internal home award. I think the Care Awards is an excellent initiative to ensure we recognise those who are willing to go the extra mile with their care delivery. A number of the staff received nominations which is a reminder to them that their work is appreciated by all.”